Sidekick Season 4 Episode 2 movies123

Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids

Cast: N/A

Date: 2018

Country: USA

Length: 0 minutes

Director: Butch Hartman, Chris Savino, Jeff Kline

Rates: 7.5

Quality: HD

Most kids dream of being superheroes. Not Eric Needles. Eric dreams of being a sidekick. So you can imagine his elation when his favorite superhero, Maxum Man, selects Eric to be his sidekick. But things take a weird turn when, on the day that Eric is scheduled to start being a full-time sidekick, Maxum Man vanishes. The superhero's disappearance leaves Eric responsible to convince the world that Maxum Man is still on the job, doing what a superhero does. Eric's peers include Kitty Ko, a boy-crazy heroine who serves up stellar advice..
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